Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Pixel phones might have come as a surprise to many who believe the company is late to the party in a field where innovation is the order of the day with each refresh cycle. While the sentiments might have some truth in them, the same also begs the question what is the tech giant primary goal with the Pixel phones.

Intel’s Master Plan

If history is anything to go by, then Google could essentially be using the Pixel phones as a cover up for a bigger price. While many might argue it has the financial muscle to take over the iPhones and Samsung Galaxy’s of the time, looking at the bigger picture the search giant is merely trying to revolutionize the smartphone industry.

Google has essentially borrowed a leaf out of Intel’s playbook, which nowadays relies on the business of selling microprocessors for a good chunk of its earnings. However, the company did not become an overnight hit on the business of selling processors. The race to the top began on the company flexing its muscle in the business of manufacturing motherboards.

Once the chip giant had made a mark in the business and made sure companies would continue to use motherboards it switched its attention to microprocessors commonly used to power the electronic circuits. Google Pixel phones now appear to be part of a bigger plan that the tech giant hopes to use to ensure it calls the shorts on all algorithms that will be used in smartphones in future.

Eye on Artificial Intelligence

The integration of Artificial Intelligence into phones is especially an area of interest for Google having already made important strides on the spectacle. Google Assistant is by far the most advanced digital assistant thanks to the strides that the tech giant has made on artificial intelligence.

 Google now wants to push the industry forward when it comes to artificial intelligence and it believes the only way it can achieve the same is by ensuring the same becomes integrated into phones. There is no denying that future battles be it online or in hardware will be fought on Artificial intelligence and Virtual reality an area that the search giant has made huge investments.

It is understood that the main play with Google Pixel phones is to accelerate the integration of AI into people’s lives through things like smartphones. By doing so Google should be able to play a pivotal role on algorithms that support the technology as it looks to dominate the space as it has with search.