Merck & Co., Inc. (NYSE:MRK) has welcomed Mathai Mammen–one the pharma industry’s champions and who has more often than not been described as the “anti-Shkreli” to its executive team. The founder of Theravance Biopharma Inc (NASDAQ:TBPH) in 1996 and where he has served as senior vice president of R&D will now assume a prominent role in charge of significant portions of discovery research.

The news of Mammen’s new role was not well received by many within the industry. In fact, the likes of physicians and scientists who more often than not face the challenge of developing new medicines for complicated diseases expressed their frustrations upon receiving the news.

However, those who seemed to know Mammen maybe as a result of having interacted with him gave different accounts of a person they knew well both as a medical school classmate and a professional colleague. Many outlined that he has traversed a life path that was not easy but he has maintained his equanimity, hope and a sense of purpose unlike what anyone would contemplate.

One of Mammen’s classmates in their medical school program described him as intellectual, engaged and consistently decent with a top notch irrepressible determination to make the world a better place than he found. Anyone listening to these confessions about Merck’s new executive may tend to think that the observers are unbiased. However, it is more of personal reflections offering honest accounts of a person.

Word has it that working with Mammen has its benefits because he is one person who makes everyone feel part of the organization. Those that have worked with him have outlined that it is someone who embraces trust on culture and strives to build a remarkable character of any society.

And in words, Mammen designates his professional and personal life journey in a philosophical and emotional podcast with VC, Janelle Anderso, which he emphasise that it worth listening. To say the least, these are the kind of people that the rapidly growing pharmaceutical industry requires meeting its goals and objectives.