Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) upcoming acquisitions will allegedly not include Time Warner Inc (NYSE:TWX), much to the relief of AT&T inc (NYSE:T). This rumor of Apple wishing to acquire Warner has been circling since 2015.

However, the rumor rose to new heights as of late last month, when AT&T announced that they would be bidding to acquire Warner. In this acquisition deal, AT&T will be gaining various giant media subsidiaries, such as CNN, HBO and of course, film studios Time Warner. The company announced that the total acquisition price for this deal would be $85.4 billion, or roughly $107,50 per share.

However, AT&T have had to constantly fear that the rumor for Apple’s upcoming acquisitions would prove substantial, and they would end up in a bidding war with the tech giant. Luckily for AT&T this is not the case.

The reason behind the speculations that Apple upcoming acquisitions would include Warner

The original rumor started circling back in 2015 when the New York Post announced that the Apple senior vice president of internet software and services, was keeping an eye on Warner. For at the time, it was believed that Warner would be a good start to expanding the companies streaming services.

However, soon after this, it was surfaced, that Apple had considered the idea of acquiring Warner, however, it was shelved by the company’s executives. This promptly created new rumors, that Apple had turned its attention to the media-streaming giant, Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX).

So far, Apple has not announced any intention to acquire small=enterprises at all. However, often the company invests into smaller businesses, without mentioning their intention. This occurred several times throughout 2016.

Other competitors for AT&T and Time Warner

AT&T has been luckily in terms of their buyout for Warner, as of yet there has been no rival bids, which would cause the buyout price to fluctuate. In an interview, last month, Randal Stephenson, the CEO of AT&T stated, “AT&T has been the only company to bid on Time Warner.”

This all goes despite the ‘false’ rumor that Warner is the next target for Apple upcoming acquisitions, for now, AT&T can be content to being the only bidder for the entertainment giant.

Apple stock closed Wednesday trading session at $111.59, after witnessing a decline of $0.10 or 0.09%