Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, is gearing up to defend the draft for the EU proposals to the members of Parliament as well as European Union leaders.

The aim of the proposal is to amend the relationship between the European Union and Britain. According to Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the EU, the European Parliament must support the proposal because it is fair. He stated that it his desire that the UK maintains its membership in the EU on a fair basis. He also said that the proposal is favorable for 27 other countries and the European Parliament must be fully invested in the new settlements.

Mr. Cameron is expected to reveal more details of the draft that was agreed upon by Brussels on Tuesday. He will present it to the House of Commons today in the Afternoon. The Prime Minister stated that his procedures he negotiated brought forth noteworthy changes. However, he has been accused of not fulfilling the pledges he made to the migrant welfare as well as the conservative manifesto alterations. Some of the changes especially for the migrant welfare have been described as unworkable.

Not every member of the cabinet is happy with the reforms. According to BBC, one minister whose name was not mentioned described the changes as a “mess.” According to Downing Street, the ministers have decided not dispute Mr. Cameron until he secures the final deal. His aim was to get all the member states to agree to the proposal in two weeks during the summit held in Brussels.

His strategy would usher in a ballot on whether the UK should keep its membership in the European Union. However, the BBC also believes that some of the ministers might disagree with the Prime Minister before the announcement of the referendum date.