Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) has partnered with WeatherBug Home from Earth Networks to offer solutions to Xfinity customers amid worries about high energy consumption and the rising power costs.

The two firms will introduce a service that will allow customers to monitor their energy consumption so they can come up with energy and cost saving strategies. An announcement about the project indicated that Weatherbug will offer the data and analysis aspect of the project to be used in the development of Xfinity’s power saving tool.

The solution will be called EcoSaver, and it operates by identifying the cooling and heating patterns in a closed environment such as a home. It then makes constant adjustments to the thermostat to adapt to the house needs. The technology will, therefore, regulate the energy output and eventually producing a significant influence to the overall cost of energy.

The EcoSaver, therefore, pushes towards smart technology. It will be an interesting piece of the puzzle to add to smart home technology. It will soon fall in line with the advancement in other technologies especially those designed for home use, especially technology in the Internet of Things.

Though Weatherbug has gained a bit of fame, it is part of a company called Earth Networks that is less known. The firm processes about 25 terabytes of real-time weather data in the US for more than 20 million users. The firm is, therefore, important because it monitors most of the energy usage. According to Bob Marshall who is the current CEO of Earth Networks, a combination of the company’s modelling, intelligent learning and big data easily contribute to significant cost cuts for the consumer. It also makes it easier to achieve more efficiency in energy consumption.

Mr. Marshall also added that the company is excited about the partnership with Comcast mainly because it provides a unique opportunity for Earth Networks to relay more benefits of its knowledge in home energy to Xfinity home customers.