Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has relaunched a breast cancer awareness campaign after taking it down for a short period, explaining that ads cannot promote adult products or services that can be offensive.

Taking Down Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Facebook has taken down a breast cancer awareness campaign entitled, “Get to Know Your Breasts” shortly after it was published by Cancerfonden on the social networking platform. The charity has immediately posted an open letter addressed to the company, explaining that the campaign intends to inform and not to offend.

The social networking giant prohibits digital nudity unless the main purpose of the ads are to educate and to inform.


Lena Biornstad, Cancerfonden Communications Director, has found it weird how an informative medical content be considered as offensive to anyone.

“You must also understand that one of our main tasks is to disseminate important information about cancer— in this case breast cancer,” explained Cancerfonden, citing the company’s advertising policies in its open letter.

The campaign primarily uses a cartoon video featuring circle-shaped breasts. Mainly, it aims to help women identify potential lumps as a precautionary measure when it comes to breast cancer.

Facebook has also censored the campaign images by reshaping the pink circles into squares.


The open letter has quickly gone viral on social media platforms, reaching Facebook. Consequently, the company has issued a formal apology for removing the content from its social networking platform.

According to Facebook, the campaign does not violate its advertising policy at all. It has explained that constantly reviewing millions of advertising content can result to mistakes every once in awhile.

Upon Facebook releasing its formal apology regarding the wrongful takedown of the breast cancer awareness campaign, Cancerfonden has expressed its delight about the company’s immediate action to correct its mistake.

With Facebook approving the campaign once again, Cancerfonden is pleased to reach millions of Facebook users and educate them about breast cancer.

Facebook has been in the face of scrutiny for so long now for its strict implementation of its sexual content ban— so strict that ads are being taken down for the wrong reasons.

Facebook has closed at $132.07, up by 1.59%, on Friday.