Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has introduced yet another feature that seems to be taking its inspiration from a similar feature made by rival social platform, Snapchat.

Facebook has copied from Snapchat quite a few times in the past in a bid to stay in the competition. The social giant usually tries to acquire companies that come up with creative content that can benefit its social platform. if that plan doesn’t work, the company copies the features so that its social platform can compete on level ground with what the competition has to offer.

Facebook has copied innovative features from Snapchat roughly six of seven times in the past and this time the company has copied Snapchat’s camera features. Facebook had initially planned to introduce a standalone camera app. The idea was to motivate people to share more videos and photos. The company seems to have deviated from that plan and instead decided to incorporate the camera features into its core app so that the camera pops up once the app is launched.

Facebook has been testing the camera features for a few months. It is also worth noting that the camera features also include filters such as those used on the Snapchat app. The social giant has also been using Instagram to battle it out with Snapchat. A few weeks ago, Facebook launched a feature called “Instagram Stories” which copied rival feature, “Snapchat Stories.” The new camera feature by Facebook contains filters such as overlaid graphics, animated photos, geofilters and selfie masks.

“Look, they’re trying to chase Snapchat,” pointed out BTIG media and technology analyst, Richard Greenfield.

The new features are courtesy of the company’s acquisition of a video filter app called Msqrd earlier in March. The app allows users to record and send video selfies to other social media platforms. Facebook decided to introduce the new feature to its app following a report that people have been posting fewer things about their personal lives. Facebook does not seem to mind copying its competitor in order to keep its users entertained.

Facebook stock closed the latest trading session at $120.00.