Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is on the leash of proving critics of its future as an independent entity wrong by solidifying its market strength with virtual reality. To turn this into a reality, the company has made significant changes in in the department with the appointment of Greg Gopman as the new program manager for the company’s virtual reality department. Earlier in the year, Twitter had also brought in Alessandro Sabatelli, who formerly worked at Apple as a head designer, to join the virtual reality department.

Relationship between and virtual reality

As an expansionary move, Twitter has diversified to virtual reality. The company has therefore brought up a team, to make up twitter’s cortex team, made of experienced researchers, scientists and engineers bent on discovering more about machine learning. This all sums up in the development of artificially intelligent machines and robotics.

Upon joining the team, Sabatello was appointed the head of the cortex team in virtual and augmented reality. His extensive hands-on experience at Apple made him a target for Twitter which successfully incorporated him into the program. Sabatello and his team with the help of Gopman will be heavily relied on by Twitter as it seeks to launch and integrate well-enhanced video capabilities to its platform and products in the coming months.

About Greg Gopman

Gopman is widely known among the virtual reality spheres for both his innovativeness and leadership skills. He is mainly credited with founding and successfully running Angel Hack and that organized massive corporate events in major cities across the country in partnership with several multi-national companies. According to his LinkedIn profile, Greg claims to have founded three multi-million companies including, a transportation company, Phone Nurses and angel hack in both San Francisco and Florida. Nevertheless, these companies later exploded to national and international giants with a huge following both in the United Sates and China.

Gopman has extensive corporate and governmental connections that he uses to turn brands he is associated with success. He is also fronted as having significant organizational skills that Twitter must have found necessary as it plans on launching this new artificial intelligent [products. The company must also be relying on his connections to promote the brand both inside and outside the country.