Model 3 website was updated by Tesla, informing customers that any orders placed for the Tesla Model 3 will be shipped mid-2018. Before this announcement, the originally expected shipping date was sometime throughout 2017.

However, the company did state that customers who already placed pre-orders prior to this announcement can still pertain their expectations of receiving the vehicle by late 2017. Contradictory to this, all new orders will be delayed until mid-2018.

When questioned by Bloomberg, Tesla stated: “We still plan to begin Model 3 deliveries in late 2017. We adjusted the date on our marketing page to reflect more accurate timing for new/future reservation holders.

None withstanding to Tesla’s comments, at first glance Investors, grew worried about this announcement. The reason for the concern was due to the original belief that problems had arisen, which resulted in a delay in production.

Current sales figures for the Tesla Model 3

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk stated in June that there were already over 400,000 for the Model 3. Furthermore, as per the companiesstatements, it is perceived that the production for these vehicles will continue as normal at the beginning of 2017.

The reason that Tesla has adjusted the shipping date for future pre-orders is mainly due to the limitations of the Gigafactory where the vehicles are produced. This is in combination with the amount of pre-orders that are already anticipated.

The important details about Tesla Model 3

Through tests run, it was revealed that the Model 3 is able to go from 0 – 60 Mph in under six seconds. Furthermore, it was disclosed that the car will have a minimum range of 215 miles before it requires to recharge.

The tech giant did announce that the Model 3 vehicles would have additional features available, such as a larger battery pack. However, these features will come at an additional cost.

Tesla stocks closed on $199.10 after rapidly increasing by $5.14 or 2.65%