Seagate Technology PLC (NASDAQ:STX) is making headlines again, and for the wrong reasons. Owners of 3TB hard drive from this giant company might want to consider backing up their data in a new storage device; else they will be joining the law suit against the company filed by Hagens Berman and Sheller law firm in the U.S District Court for the Northern District of California.

Two models by Seagate have been failing at an alarming rate compelling consumers to file a class action lawsuit against the company.

According to the suit, customers who recently purchased the Seagate hard drives have lost a great amount of data and at the same time being left with a broken hard drive. The accusers continues to state that the Seagate hard drives are failing at an exceptionally high rate which also saw the tech firm violate the federal consumer laws as well as its own warranties after providing their customers with equally faulty replacements.

The case also alleges that the 3TB drives by the company are failing at a rate far worse compared to what the company claims in its adverts. In some instances, these drives failed days after purchase. On top of that, users lost data with these drives with the replacements given by the company also turning out to be defective.

The claims against Seagate also state that the company sold the defected hard drives under misleading terms which included exaggeration of the hard disk’s lifetime.

Defective Hard Drives

The two hard drives in question are the hard drives models which include Barracuda 3TB hard drive, and the Backup plus 3TB which are an external hard disk drive. This is not the first time Seagate’s hard disks integrity has been put to test. In 2014, Backblaze questioned the reliability of the 3TB stating that the hard drives had a 10 % rate of failure rate while that of the 1.5TB was at 13%.

Christopher Nelson, one of the plaintiffs, said that he experienced the same problem in 2014, when a Backup Plus drive he had purchased in 2012 failed with no warning. After contacting the company, Seagate replaced the defective hard drive which also failed in less than 12 months of use.

The plaintiff wants Seagate to stop replacing the defective hard disks with the same model since this has not been an effective solution. The law firm behind the suit is still looking for more people affected by the defective Seagate hard drives to join this class action lawsuit.