The FDA has revealed that it is looking to acquire a Cigar Smoking Machine with a Carbon Monoxide Analyzer.

The CO analyzer will allow the FDA to collect Carbon monoxide information from cigars thus allowing the regulator to have more influence on current and future cigar brands. The FDA announced the plan to acquire the machine on February 22, 2016. The machine that the organization is looking for should be able to smoke a 22.5mm cigar with a 57 and 58 ring gauge. The current machine that the organization is eying is known as Cerulean SM410CV.

The machine will have a significant impact on the cigar industry as far as product safety regulation is concerned. As a result, the industry is eager to see the kind of regulation that will be instituted. The regulator claims that the machine should be capable of stimulating cigar smoking by humans under a number of conditions.

The machine is also supposed to collect smoke residues to facilitate further chemical analysis as well as increasing the capacity of labs to study cigars. The machine will thus make it extremely easier to set the standards for cigar manufacturing companies. The FDA is expected to release more details about the machine during the announcements of the cigar regulations.

Bid solicitation has revealed that the Southeast Regional Laboratory requires a ten port cigar smoking machines that include attachments for carbon monoxide detection as well as impingers. The machine will be used to develop and transfer methods in SRL to the FDA for the formulation of a stable framework geared towards the efficient regulation of tobacco products.

The FDA announcement for the machine has obviously sent chills down the spines of companies in the cigar industry because the new regulatory efforts might lead to the banning of many products. It also means the tobacco companies will have to invest heavily in technology that will let them manage the carbon monoxide levels to the regulatory levels approved by the FDA.