Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT), with International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) and Tsinghua University works on the initiation of using blockchain as a tool to trace supply chain of pork from China. Announced today with the opening of Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center in Beijing, the collaboration is expected to yield safer pork in China.

By using blockchain, information about the products and the different stages of the supply chain in China can now be put in to records digitally. For instance, PR News Wire discussed specific product information such as farm origination details, batch numbers, expiration dates, and storage temperatures, to name some. This information is also being recorded along with the stages of supply chain. Having these records can contribute a lot for instances when products may be contaminated because blockchain can help track the origin of particular products.

Walmart and partners’ edge

Besides the idea being a brilliant and very contemporary means of controlling and ensuring products safety, the collaboration of the three institutions is definitely something that could click. PR News Wire explains that the strengths of every institution in this team up could be taken advantage of. Being a frontrunner in supply chain, blockchain, and authentication technology, Walmart, IBM, and Tsinghua will most likely nail the dream of safer Chinese pork.

Avoiding repeating the past

History of Chinese products has so much to do with the piloting of this use of blockchain. It can be recalled that in 2008, China was involve in the controversy of milk powder containing a toxic chemical Melamine. Such product claimed lives of six children and even hospitalized tens of thousands, according to Fortune. The same report of Fortune also mentioned that China was a known notorious in terms of its food safety regulations. But it also noted that the Chinese government has already exerted efforts to revise its food safety regulations to avoid further problems. The initiatives involve better record keeping and stricter health guideline to name some.

In a nutshell, following this initiative with the pilot project of Walmart and its partner could be the start of a new chapter of Chinese food safety today.