During Yahoo! Inc.’s (NASDAQ:YHOO) annual developer conference, Flurry received a few updates, which were oriented to making it more convenient for developers. The updates included redesigning of the dashboard, with the purpose of making it faster and providing an intuitive way to view data. Alongside Flurry updates, the company also announced the release of new apps for Flurry Analytics and the release of a tvOS developer kit.

Since Flurry was acquired by Yahoo in 2014, it has received lots of updates. Most of these updates are to enable developers to respond quicker to the data. During the conference, it was noted that until now, Flurry supports over 250,000 developers, reaching over 800,000 apps across more than 2 billion devices with 10 billion sessions every day. The new updates can be interpreted as a way of proving that Flurry has been preparing for the mobile change.

Flurry App will take all the functionality of the redesigned Flurry dashboard to be accessible from anywhere at any time. The app is free and available for both Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Android and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iOS. TvOS Analytic Support was also announced during the conference. As tvOS captures more and more consumer time, developers have a chance of leveraging Flurry’s leading analytics to advertising, analyze, monetize and enhance their tvOS apps. Using the new Flurry dashboard developers can tackle ad inventory and build astrong relationship with their advertisers through direct management of traffic, tracking and targeting of ad campaigns.

Yahoo has been recently experiencing turmoil, but senior vice president, Simon Khalaf, noted that growth in the industry is about to stagnant. He noted that 2015 was a phenomenal growth year, but growth rates are starting to decline. He foreshadowed the rise of a concept he termed as mobile 2.0 in 2017.

Ben Graham, who is the senior director of the company, and also the person responsible for Flurry’s production team noted that the redesigned portal was a complete overhaul of services offered by the platform. He noted that developers’ service need to be flexible and easier to use.